Fire Alarm Systems

Office layouts are arranged such that staff can work together in departments and team groupings, providing the best opportunity for efficient work flow, communication and supervision.

The grouping of staff in teams often provides the best option for inter-communication and/or supervision and is a key factor in office layout design. However, where space is at a premium it is even more important for the architects and the space planners to use the space optimally this is where we S4S have a important role to play based on our collective wisdom of over 24 years.

Typically Space planning when done the following parameters are taken into consideration, Churn rate, statutory requirements if any, Business needs of the company and accommodation standards.

In many organizations, office layouts are subject to frequent changes. This process is referred to as churn rate, expressed as the percentage of the staff moved during a year. The space thus planned needs to be dynamic to accommodate these changes, for example the furniture used for a high churn out rate should be typically modular in nature so that it can be reconfigured and reused to the maximum.

Statutory requirements related to office layouts will vary in different countries but examples may include: the minimum amount of space to be provided per staff member; fire safety arrangements; lighting levels; signage; ventilation; temperature control and welfare arrangements. These aspects have to be well defined while one does the space planning.

Similarly the office layout designs should provide an environment suitable for the business needs of the organization. For example: call centers undertake their business ‘on screen’ and require small desk areas per staff member, minimum document storage, and may have limited requirements for photocopying facilities and printing. In contrast, companies handling paper based documentation will require larger desks for their staff, storage for records, archive facilities, photocopying and printing facilities close to hand.

Organizations often have a policy on the minimum standards of accommodation for each staff grade. Administration staff may work in open plan offices whereas managers may have individual offices, sized on a seniority basis. In open plan offices screens are sometimes used between desks to reduce noise and provide an element of privacy. These details have to be taken in the first project briefing meeting with the client so that an effective space planning can be done.

Under the scope of work in these areas we provide the following service addressable fire Alarm System, Sprinklers and fire fighting system smoke detectors & Fire Extinguishers.

Integrating the existing building Sprinkler systems with the office Fire Alarm system is also part of the scope of work.

We also supply, install, test and commission Public Addressing Systems and Music systems comprising of Booster cum mixing amplifiers of makes such as Ahuja / Bosch or equivalent, Ceiling mounted or wall mounted Speakers as suitable, with volume control suitable for the speakers. Under the music system we provide DVD/MP3/USB Players of Pioneer or any make as required by client with microphones etc.

We supply, Install, Test & Commission the Networking components & the scope can also include scanning of each node & generating the reports per node.

We do Data as well as voice cabling using CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 cables as per the need and specifications by the consultants along with the face plates, patch cords, patches panels and Server racks as well. In case of Voice we also provide the MDF Block with Krone Module blocks

An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power source, UPS or battery/flywheel backup is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically main power, fails.

A UPS is typically used to protect computers, data centers & telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss. UPS units range in size from units designed to protect a single computer without a video monitor (around 200 VA Rating) to large units powering entire data centers or buildings.

Given the equipments and the typical loads in the Office environment and the backup time required, we provide the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning services for the desired UPS.

We also can procure and supply the desired DG Set for cases where there is acute power shortage and cuts to have the back up for the Power requirement of the office and the building as the case may be along with the installation, commissioning and test of the same.

Under the electrical works for the Office interiors we cover the basic scope of Electrical Distribution Low side which comprises of the following scope.

LT Distribution Boards consisting of Main Panel, APFC Panel, and UPS Input panel, Output BD, Lighting DB, Raw Power DB, Computer DB, Server DB, UPS DB etc.

Conducting, Raceway Laying & Cable tray fixing, Basic Cabling, Point wiring, Power Outlets & circuiting, Supply installation of Light fittings and fixtures, HVAC cabling.

Earthling & Miscellaneous works like PA system and music system.

Under the HVAC Scope we do the following works. The data related to the requirement of Air-conditioning tonnage, the layout, ducting the selection of type of HVAC etc.

We broadly do the following works under the scope of HVAC.

HVAC High Side which involves the procurement of machines of desired tonnage and specified brands and installation, testing & commissioning them.

HVAC Low side involves the ducting, Insulation, Grills, diffusers, gas filling for system testing etc as the scope of work.

Civil & Interior works comprise of the following activities

  • Partition work (Gypsum / Laminated or Glass)
  • Glass paneling
  • Brick walls and partitions
  • Doors, windows
  • Wall paneling and skirting
  • Loose Furniture
  • Carpet
  • False Ceiling
  • Chairs
  • Painting
  • Light Fittings
  • Roller Blinds
  • Display boards and Graphics

S4S is a single window solutions provider for the varied range of furniture requirements of an Office, Educational Institutions, Campus, Home or Retail to name a few.

With over 7 years of Experience is selling Modular office furniture systems with companies like BP Ergo and UNICOS we have acquired in-depth knowledge in the subject matter and hence we don’t just sell furniture but we PROVIDE APT SOLUTIONS WICH MEET YOUR NEED AND FUNCTIONALITY AT MOST COMPETIITVE PRICES and we stand for the QUALITY and TIMELY deliveries.